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Mission Statement

My Vision

My mission is to offer a holistic, well-rounded approach to personal training. To deliver empathetic and flexible guidance, helping my clients to be the best versions of themselves. My clients are at the heart of what I do and we work together to achieve their goals. Whether it is looking at your general lifestyle, weight loss or training for the London Marathon. Making exercise accessible to all. 

Why Fenti Fitness

Suitable for Beginners









Professional Trainers

​​Fit 4 Life 

The ultimate method for busy women looking to make positive changes 

My Fit 4 Life plan offers busy women/mums a chance to fit in exercise and ‘me’ time into a busy home and work life. Helping you to feel happier, healthier and more energised!


The plan offers a holistic, well-rounded approach to health and wellbeing. I am a big believer in a 360 approach, no matter what you goal. 


'A proven formula to help you become happier and healthier'

Win the morning, win the day - when you start the day right, the rest will follow.

Through the H3 plan you will make positive, lifelong habits which will have you feeling energised, happier and healthier.  

The 7 H3 Fundamentals
  1. Hydrate - your body is 70% water. Start your day right with water - nourish your body.   

  2. Light - start your day with natural light, wake yourself up and feel ready for the day ahead. 

  3. Move - light exercise and movement boosts your mood and improves cognitive performance. 

  4. MOA - 36 nutrient dense superfoods. 

  5. Gratitude - take time to focus on the positives. 

  6. Execution - improve productivity. Make a plan, what do you want/need to achieve? 

  7. Reflection - reflect on your day, what were your wins? Where do you need to focus next?

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Contact Ali for more info about package options and starting your H3 journey today!

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