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Meet Ali


Certified Fitness Trainer 
and Personal Coach

Life as a teacher was very busy and often all consuming and my 'escape' for both my mind and body was exercise. After seeing the benefits it had for my life I decided to qualify as a PT in order to coach and help others to see the benefits exercise can have to your health, fitness and wellbeing - no matter your age, experience or fitness level.  

Apart from sport and fitness, another of my passions is the outdoor environment. I am lucky enough to spend a lot of my time outdoors either through my PT role or my role as a PE teacher and Forest School leader. The benefits of being outside are many and varied and I love to incorporate these two passions. I promote the outdoor environment through my training and coaching. Did you know, it has been proven that being outdoors not only makes you feel more relaxed and happier but you also burn more calories - win, win!

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