I contacted Ali in the hope that she would help me to build my strength and stamina in the run-up to a Half Marathon. Ali made me feel so comfortable and really understood my needs, tailoring all exercises to my individual needs. She was so good I went back to her for more after I’d completed my Half Marathon! 

Caroline D

I love working out with Ali. She always creates a fun and challenging workout, listening and taking note of what I enjoy doing and what I am trying to achieve. It’s the first time I have trained outside and it is much nicer than being inside a gym. The nutritional advice Ali offers complements the sessions brilliantly, and gave me some practical and achievable adjustments to my eating habits. As a Mum of three children, my workouts with Ali are an opportunity to increase my fitness levels as well as to have a bit of ‘me’ time. They really are a highlight of my week!

Catherine B

Ali is amazing at what she does, she manages to motivate whilst allowing you to develop at your own pace. I have seen a massive improvement in both my strength and stamina and she is a pleasure to work with.


Ali is probably the best personal trainer I have worked with. She takes time to listen to what I need and the variety of workouts are excellent. The proof has been in the results of my much improved fitness over the last year. Highly recommend.


Fenti Fitness has had a profound, positive impact on my physical and mental health.  Over the last three months, Ali has carefully considered my goals and needs and tailored a programme that delivers results on every level.  She is professional, dynamic and always manages to motivate me by keeping the workouts fun and varied.  Being able to have the sessions at home means there is no excuse to drive past the gym; it is also the perfect solution with regards to child care.  I cannot recommend Fenti Fitness highly enough; for the first time in my life, I look forward to, and enjoy, exercise.  Thank you, Ali!

Kate T

Ali is simply brilliant! She has really inspired me to get up and get going. The classes are a fab way to get active without leaving the sitting room. They are varied and interesting, nothing boring about Ali's classes!


Ali's ethos and approach to exercise and well-being is fantastic! I have found it very difficult to motivate myself to exercise for many years. Ali's approach has always been careful and timely - providing gentle encouragement and setting realistic personal achievement goals. I am meeting my targets, both in my physical condition and in my well-being, and this has only been achieved through Ali's support and dedication to my all-round fitness. I would absolutely recommend Ali to anyone who wants to achieve better fitness, improved well-being and a general sense of positivity in their lives!


Ali is an amazing personal trainer who is knowledgeable, enthusiastic and motivational. I have never been a very active person and I lacked the confidence to exercise where other people could see me. Ali is patient and kind and her classes are loads of fun from the comfort of my own home. Ali inspires me to push myself out of comfort zone and the results have been excellent- my fitness levels are improving week on week and I look forward to continuing my fitness journey with Ali. I cannot recommend Fenti Fitness enough!


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